THIS, working with YOU, is the best investment I've ever made. Ever. Better even than my PhD, and every other thing... that I won't list right now. I wish everyone had a Terra."

Rana SabraUniversity Marketing Professor, Marketing & Business Strategist, Philanthropist & Mama

Terra Rose is so inspiring. Her words, her thoughts, and her energy are truly uplifting and motivating. She is a powerful speaker, and a skillful healer. Just being around her makes me feel better! She is soulful, grounded, lively, and committed to helping people create real change in their lives."

Dr. Tara PeymanNaturopathic Doctor of Medicine

My experience working with Terra is pure clarity, transformation, and acceleration. Her intuition and coaching is powerful, direct, and reveals exactly what needs to be shifted at that exact moment in order for rapid acceleration towards your goals. Working with Terra, you can expect to learn HUGE lessons in minutes, instead of years. I'm so excited to see many shifts, successes in just a few DAYS. I'm honored to call her a mentor.

Morgan LuluHypnosis Practitioner

Terra ignites something inside of me. She gets me to take action where I have been stuck and helps me feel like I can do anything.

Dr. Danite HallerNaturopathic Doctor of Medicine

"I would recommend her to everyone!"

"Terra's clarity & intuition are phenomenal."

"You have completely changed my life!! I don't know what I would do without you. I wish I would have met you 5 years ago."

Michelle RoyMedical Director

"I'm vibrating so high. I feel amazing, centered and unstoppable. I have no idea how you do what you do, but every single leader, every PERSON needs you."

Holly DanaClinical Therapist

"Get your spirit & body aligned."

"She equipped me with the tools I needed to completely elevate my life"

Terra has been my go to coach and mentor the past nine years. She is extremely savvy at weaving together pieces of life’s puzzles and reconnecting it in a way that is soothing, compassionate, and gently honest.
Terra has very strong intuitive abilities that she hones in on to help people feel more grounded, more clear and more inspired than ever about their life path. She has helped me through it all – life transitions, relationships, family issues, insights on next steps, and my business planning.
Terra is one of the most talented coaches that I know that can effortlessly guide her clients back to their path again. She sees people for who they are, reminds them of the good in their hearts, and reignites the fire in their lives to go after their dreams and make an impact. She will be your forever supporter, cheerleader and angel on your side. She has definetly been mine.
Thank you Terra!

Dominica ZhuGlobal Leader, GWC

Terra has helped me in ways that I didn’t know were possible before I met her. She introduced me to ideas and techniques that empowered me to influence areas of my life I previously didn’t know could be changed for the better.

Ellen McDowClinical Therapist

I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am to know Terra. Her positive spirit radiates light into your life.

Katie BrownRealtor

Working with Terra has been life-changing. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of health and wellness, including nutrition, cleansing, spirituality and so much more.
I have come out of my crazy world and have really never been more optimistic and HAPPY!

Laura LevinHealth Coach & Mama

Working with Terra has been truly life changing. Our sessions together have provided me with the positive energy and guidance necessary to implement long term and lasting changes to my life, both in my diet and personal life. Through our work together I have initiated levels of self discovery I never thought possible and break through entrenched negative belief systems.
Terra has assisted me in a journey to higher self awareness and has been an immense blessing in my life.

Elizabeth JordanClinical Therapist

"It's life changing."

"This is about allowing high energy and high consciousness."

Terra is a highly effective coach: helping me to set goals and holding me accountable. She was been proactive at setting up followup meetings to review progress.
Terra has an infectious energy that helps to energize and motivate. As this was my first entrepreneurial experience, her guidance and motivation were key to helping me progress my concept into tangible actions. I would highly recommend Terra as an entrepreneurial coach and mentor.

Steve SmileyIndependent Consultant; Software Engineering Director, Intel Corp. (retired)

Terra has a genuinely authentic and positive spirit you can’t get enough of. Her energy is contagious. As a speaker, she’s powerful and inspiring and has this uncanny ability to capture the attention of her audience and demonstrate how much she cares. One thing I am certain of – for ANY event or conference, Terra is who you are looking for.

Lissa RegetsEntrepreneur, Marketing Consultant

You are teacher, you are teaching me with such graciousness and with such amazing insight to listen to and believe in myself!!
Thank YOU for your gift - your many gifts...
I look forward to being able to listen to our session over and over again and parse out and incorporate all of the wonder that we uncovered.

Elizabeth LassuyEco Architect

"I leave feeling lighter, calmer, more at peace, and excited for my future!"

"Terra is amazing and I'm so grateful for her!"

I am really very grateful to have nutritional guidance from Terra. Her knowledge is so extensive.
Any questions I have for her are always answered in depth with a lot of thought put into all of her responses. I always get more from her answers than my questions propose.
She has helped me transform my diet tremendously which has also helped me with my positively reshaping as a person.
Her ability to understand nutrition as well as spirituality is harmonious. I hope to receive her counsel for as long as I may need.
The amount of knowledge I have gained from Terra is incredible. I am much more mindful of what I eat and of how I am as a person because of Terra.
Terra's love for what she does shows and it all comes so natural for her, I love that!

Richard BerensonEntrepreneur, Traveler

Terra really gives her gift of attention and interest and she has a wonderful way of making me feel valued and important as I make changes to my own life.
She is very sincere in what she does. She lives her own life with a strong drive, infectious energy and determination that has deeply inspired me and made a mark in my heart.

Niesha WhitmanDirector of Student Support - ASU